Energy optimization


With C-THERMAL you can uncover energy leaks really easy – it doesn`t matter if you are a professional energy adviser or just an eco-minded person who would like to save unnecessary costs. Undiscovered heat bridges dont`t cause just energy leaks, in many cases they may also lead to damp and mildew masonry.


Easily find
  • faulty insulation
  • heat bridges and moist areas in walls
  • energy-leaking windows


Personal security


As a compact night vision device, C-THERMAL can be your perfect orientation and security guide in complete darkness. Wheter when jogging or just for the surveillance of buildings, property or other objects – With C-THERMAL you can reliably detect dangers at up to 300 m distance.


Safe through the night
  • useful as compact night vision device
  • suitable for building surveillance
  • works even in complete darkness


Work and hobby


There are hardly any limitations for the usage for work and hobby – from the early detection of electrical shorts and bad connections through the localization of blockages in pipes up to heat distribution analysis for heating or cooling systems, C-THERMAL is your companion.


Quickly uncover
  • bad connections and overheated components
  • filling levels
  • heat distribution


Pets and wildlife


Outdoors C-THERMAL offers a wide area of applications. Whether by night when hiking, gamekeeping in the forest or just when looking for your own pet in the garden, with C-THERMAL you will find what you are looking for.


  • lost pets and animals in the garden or forest
  • animals when game keeping