With C-THERMAL we are going to found an Austrian startup company with the goal of using thermal imagers without expert know-how. Our aim is to bring a smart thermal imager for the price of a gadget to the market, working with state of the art technology united with an intuitive handling.



Up to now, either the high price or the lack of expert know-how was the reason why thermal imagers were rarely used, in most cases an expensive advisor was necessary to interpret the thermal images. C-THERMAL will be the first smart thermal imager on the international market. We have combinbed a variety of high-tech sensors to detect suspicious areas like damp masonry and heat bridges automatically.

There are hardly any limits for the area of applications for thermal imagers – from the universal gadget for work and hobby up to professional applications like medical technology. Even we ourselves get new ideas for interesting applications from our environment nearly every day. It`s just fascinating to see the invisible!

At the moment the market of thermal imaging cameras is manageable. On the one hand there are devices available, which only work in conjunction with a smartphone and on the other hand there are the professional devices for commercial use. With C-THERMAL we have developed a thermal imager which is accurate enough for professional applications, but also offers a compact, state of the art design with many features.