When and where will C-THERMAL be available?

The C-THERMAL camera will be available in 2018.


How much is C-THERMAL?

The price of C-THERMAL will be less than 300 € but we are working hard to get the price down to even less.

For the version with the 160 x 120 pixel resolution sensor, the price is not known yet.


What`s still missing to make C-THERMAL available as soon as possible?

In order to achieve all our goals for you, we need your support. Development of C-THERMAL will be made possible through our cooperation with a distributor.


How far has the development of C-THERMAL come?

In the last year we have developed the hard- and software of C-THERMAL up to a working prototype – also the Windows and iOS app. All thermal images and videos on our website are already taken with our prototypes.



Which Sensor resolution does C-THERMAL offer?

C-THERMAL will be offered with two resolutions: 80 x 60 pixel and 160 x 120 pixel.

Can I upgrade C-THERMAL?

Yes, C-THERMAL can be opened without damage of it’s housing in order to upgrade the sensor to a higher resolution one.

With which sensors is C-THERMAL compatible?

C-THERMAL is compatible with every sensor of the FLIR Lepton series (with and without shutter).

Is C-THERMAL Open Source and available as a DIY-Kit?

Yes, C-THERMAL will be offered also as a DIY-Kit which consists of the camera hardware and it’s housing. The price for this DIY-Kit has not been defined yet, but it will be cheap. The full source code will be hosted on GitHub (camera firmware, iOS, Android and Windows app). This DIY-Kit is perfect for customers which already own a FLIR Lepton core. The kit will also include a back cover for each available Lepton sensor (Lepton 2 – 25° and 50°, with or without shutter and Lepton 3).